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Visdanfo has successfully established the brand image after several years of operation. Honesty is the root and creativity is the soul. Honesty and creativity is the key to success of the brand operation.

Visdanfo has developed as one of the top leading large-scale brand lighting manufacturer in china depend on its leading design conceptĄ˘first class design level, high quality and leading franchise system, established a massive distribution network across china and all over the world, now there is over 400 franchised shop in China and export to Europe, America, Japan, Australia, Korea, Russia, Southeast Asia, etc. At present, Visdanfo have over 17200 square meter factory mainly engage in the art lighting and office lighting, our product attain many patent and get the International CCC, CE, PSE and ETL. Certificate successively. Visdanfo is the pronoun of service and quality, it is no longer a simple name but bear one kind of responsibility, and it is the responsible attitude for the society. That is to say, what dose the Visdanfo offer is the quality and service that the consumer assured, not solely lighting itself.